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Coaching for Relationship Skills, Stress Management,
Life Transitions, and Divorce Support

Looking for a professional and experienced life coach? I have the tools to support your healthy mindset.

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Awareness is Key! Mindset Matters!
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Testimonials: What my clients are saying

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Working with Carla is a delight. A skilled life coach, Carla is an excellent listener who has the ability to make significant connections and point out patterns. She brings an abundance of kindness and caring to her sessions, which creates a safe space for sharing.
Over the years, she has helped me forge better relationships, both at home and at work. She has taught me a variety of tools for handling stress, including tapping, creative visualization and journaling techniques. Her guidance has helped me develop goals and create action steps for accomplishing them.
With her support, I’ve made significant improvements in my life, in areas that include exercise, nutrition and my career. Her positive and encouraging attitude makes all the difference. With Carla as my coach, anything is possible!
Life Coaching
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Coaching Specialties

Stressed Man


Don't ignore your mental health! Life coaching with Carla Hugo coaching explores matters such as:

Career indecision
Parenting problems
Caring for elderly parents
Relationship strains and Divorce
Business launch
I guide you through the Four O’s:

  • Opportunities

  • Obstacles

  • Options

  • Outcomes

If you are losing sleep over how to get out of the struggle you are in, and how to get to the outcome you crave, schedule a Breakthrough Session with me, and let’s take look and see if it makes sense to work together. I can show you tools to manage your stress and anxiety.

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 Clients who seek life coaching for wellness are often suffering from:

  • Excess weight

  • Physical Health Issues

  • Emotional Health Issues

  • Mental Health issues

  • Irritability

The coaching process is one of self-discovery, action, and dedicated support from me. If you are sick of feeling sick, and dream of feeling vital again, begin with your Breakthrough Session. 
I am a certified and experienced EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner and a holistic health and mental health coach, trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition,  While I personally choose a  plant-based diet, coupled with the plant super foods from Isagenix, I embrace bio-individuality and the uniqueness of all beings. 

Carla Hugo, Holistic Life Coaching

Green Apple Healthy Food
Wellness Coaching


Going through divorce turns life as you know it upside down!  I support my clients in getting out of fear and emotional turmoil, and in getting their mental clarity back. The result is that they can make smart, informed, long and short-term decisions. 
Some of the common scenarios my clients face are:

  • Avoiding conflict by dodging expert advice

  • Having a “my way” or the “highway” negotiating style

  • Throwing in the towel

  • Decision paralysis so as not to hurt the children

If you are ready to advocate for yourself, kiss fear goodbye, and get your self-confidence back, schedule your  breakthrough session and get on the path.

Divorce Coaching
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